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  • Newest posts first, Best results first, Search posts and pages

  • Search comments and comment authors

  • Search post categories, tags and custom taxonomies

  • Search custom fields, Search shortcode content, Search post excerpts

  • Include user profiles in search results

  • Index PDF content, Indexing DOC, ODT, RTF, ePub… content

  • Include taxonomy terms in search results

  • Search arbitrary MySQL columns in wp_posts, Show β€œDid you mean” suggestions

  • Search results show and highlight the matches

  • Posts highlight the search term matches

  • Exclude posts, pages, tags or categories from search

  • Use fuzzy matching to make getting hits easier

  • Choose between AND and OR operator in search, Change the operator on the fly if necessary

  • Use the NOT operator to exclude search terms, Adjust the weight of post content, titles and comments

  • Adjust weights by post type, Adjust weights by taxonomy, Adjust weights by post date

  • Adjust weights manually with a filter hook, Log user queries, Use stop words to make search better

  • Expand queries with synonyms

  • WPML and Polylang integration, WordPress Multisite support

  • Throttling to make searches perform better on big databases

  • Export / import settings, WP CLI support

  • Have sticky posts in searches based on search term

  • Redirect search results & Related Posts

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