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Roadm.co Lifetime Deal, ⚡ Customer Feedback Management

Gather valuable insights, prioritize features, and enhance user engagement with Roadm.co's feedback management tools. Optimize your product development process. Increase user satisfaction and drive growth. Get Roadm.co Lifetime Deal now.

Roadm.co is an all-in-one solution for streamlined product feedback management, designed to centralize feedback from various channels and organize insights for informed decision-making. Here are some major highlights of Roadm.co:

  • Streamline Feedback Collection:

    • Centralize feedback from various channels
    • Organize and prioritize insights for informed decision-making
  • Enhance User Engagement:

    • Facilitate seamless communication between team and customers
    • Customizable notifications and easy-to-use commenting for everyone involved
  • Prioritize Ideas with Idea Boards:

    • Centralize all ideas, feature requests, and feedback in one place
    • Foster engagement through upvotes and comments
  • Efficient Communication with Automated Notifications:

    • Share clear roadmaps and provide regular progress updates
    • Build trust and transparency with automated notifications

Use Cases:

  • Collect feedback from multiple channels and prioritize them effectively
  • Engage with customers through seamless communication and customizable notifications
  • Centralize and prioritize ideas, feature requests, and feedback through idea boards
  • Share roadmaps and provide regular updates with automated notifications

Available Offers and Pricing:

  • Roadm.co lifetime deal for $39:

    • 2 boards + 5 team members
    • Own branding and custom CSS
    • Public roadmap + Unlimited changelogs
    • Unlimited feedback + Unlimited engaged users
    • Unlimited email notifications
    • Internal comments + Custom domain (1)
    • Custom statuses + Custom categories
    • Custom tags + Voting feedbacks
  • Roadm.co Plan 2 lifetime deal for $78:

    • Everything included in the Roadm.co lifetime deal
    • 4 boards + 15 team members
    • Remove "by Roadm.co" banner
    • Integrations and webhooks
  • Roadm.co Plan 3 lifetime deal for $117:

    • Everything included in the Roadm.co Plan 2 lifetime deal
    • Unlimited boards
    • Unlimited team members