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Rocket BI Lifetime Deal,

Unleash the power of Rocket BI's lifetime deal for self-service analytics and advanced data management solutions. Upgrade your business today!

A no-code data platform, Rocket BI helps companies extract actionable insights from various data sources. This tool allows businesses to build a data-driven strategy without the need for technical expertise.

Major Highlights:

  • Efficient organization and creation of an Analytical Data Warehouse
  • Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) platform with a user-friendly interface
  • Access data from multiple sources like databases, Shopify, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads
  • Simplify data analysis by centralizing all information in one place
  • Cutting-edge visualization tool for navigating through massive amounts of raw data
  • Direct data exploration capabilities to uncover hidden insights and trends
  • Collaborate with colleagues seamlessly like sharing a Google Doc
  • Organize and simplify data for quick analysis using drag-and-drop tools
  • Create advanced data-handling functions with SQL or Python
  • Easily export data to cloud storage or data warehouses like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Vertica

Use Cases:

  • Generate actionable insights from multiple data sources
  • Develop BI expertise without technical resources
  • Make informed decisions based on valuable insights
  • Collaborate with colleagues for better decision-making
  • Simplify data analysis and organization for quick insights

Deal Pricing:

  • Rocket BI lifetime deal for $79 includes 5 connected data sources, 50M records in Data Warehouse, 50 dashboards, unlimited reports, admin with full governance, and user activity monitoring.
  • Rocket BI lifetime deal for $158 includes everything in the previous deal plus 10 connected data sources, 150M records in Data Warehouse, unlimited dashboards, and no-code ETL with DataCook.