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SaaS Pegasus Lifetime Deal, 🦄 Launch Faster, Save Time

Supercharge your AI product launch with SaaS Pegasus Lifetime Deal! 🚀 Save time and launch faster with this essential tool for SaaS entrepreneurs. Try it now!

SaaS Pegasus is a robust Django-backed SaaS boilerplate that equips developers and entrepreneurs with a wide array of tools and features to expedite the app-building process. This tool allows users to effortlessly create fully-functional applications in just under five minutes, saving them precious time and effort.

Major Highlights:

  • User Accounts with secure authentication and social login options
  • Teams and Invitations for multi-tenant applications
  • Subscriptions for setting up plans and collecting recurring payments
  • E-Commerce Store for processing one-time payments with Stripe
  • OpenAI Examples for kickstarting AI products
  • Multiple CSS themes with a choice of Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, or Bulma
  • Choice of Front End using React or HTMX
  • Async and Websocket Support for real-time UIs
  • Content Management System integration with Wagtail CMS
  • API ecosystem with built-in REST APIs and client libraries
  • Background Tasks with Celery for adding background jobs
  • Per-Seat Pricing for configurable subscription charges
  • Admin UI for managing database models directly in the browser
  • User Impersonation for troubleshooting user issues faster
  • Feature Flags for toggling features on and off
  • Two-factor Authentication for enhanced account security
  • Flexible Deployment options for deploying to multiple cloud platforms
  • Tests and CI with a built-in test suite and front end build system
  • Internationalization infrastructure for translating applications into any language
  • Docker-based development for easy setup and cross-platform compatibility
  • Built-in Toolchain for TypeScript/JavaScript and Sass/CSS build pipeline
  • Example Charts with dynamic charts based on real application data
  • Email functionality with support for popular email service providers
  • Error Monitoring with Sentry for real-time error tracking
  • Secure framework built on Django with default security measures

Use Cases:

  • Building secure and scalable SaaS applications
  • Creating multi-tenant platforms with role-based access control
  • Implementing subscription-based services with recurring payments
  • Developing AI-powered applications with OpenAI integration
  • Designing responsive UIs with various CSS frameworks

Available Offer:

  • $249 Deal: 1 project + 1 year of updates, Custom Codebase Creator, Responsive Application UI, and more
  • $449 Deal: Everything in $249 deal + 1 year of community access, Teams (Multitenancy), Stripe E-Commerce Store, and more
  • $999 Deal: Everything in $449 deal + Unlimited projects, Lifetime updates, Lifetime community access, and Priority Support