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saasyDB Lifetime Deal, 📢 Early Bird Offer

Get the latest data on recently funded SaaS companies with saasyDB. Lifetime deal available with early bird offer. Stay informed in the research category.

saasyDB is a powerful tool that provides in-depth research and targeted outreach for SaaS companies. Here are the major highlights of this tool:

  • Employee Data: Obtain detailed information on every employee at over 30,000 SaaS companies, including names, locations, job titles, LinkedIn profiles, and verified email addresses.
  • Prospect Filtering: Filter and sort companies based on various criteria to create customized target lists for your marketing campaigns.
  • AI-Assisted Job Departmentalization: Simplify the process of finding and exporting lists of ideal decision makers by leveraging advanced job role categorization.
  • Fresh Data: Benefit from continuously updated employee information, ensuring you have access to the latest contacts for your outreach efforts.

Who can use this data?

  • Email Marketers: Anyone reaching out to people via email. Find the right prospect to make your pitch or get in touch.
  • Investors: VCs trying to get in touch with founders. Cut straight to the point and send the right person an email.
  • Job Seekers: Anyone looking for work at a growing company. Get in touch with the right person before they even post the job.
  • Professional Services Firms: Trying to sell consulting, marketing, branding, design or other high-end services? Get a weekly list of people who can actually afford and use you.
  • SEOs: Find the right person to pitch about linkbuilding, collaborations, or guest posting.
  • Tech Sales: Whether you're targeting devs, managers, or anyone else, find the ideal employee to offer your service to.

🎁 Get the saasyDB lifetime deal for $197 with the following features:

  • 1,000 credits every month, for life
  • One credit unlocks every employee at a company
  • Access to new standard features as they launch
  • Early access to exclusive data
  • Alternatively, you can get 2,000 credits every month for life for $297 or 5,000 credits every month for life for $497.