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Salesforza Chrome Extensions Lifetime Deal,

Sync Emails, Tabs, YouTube accounts to Google Sheets with 1-click using Salesforza Chrome Extension Suite. Lifetime Deal available now!

Salesforza Chrome Extensions is a powerful tool that allows users to streamline their workflow by creating lists of various items directly within Google Sheets. With this tool, you can easily manage emails to follow up on Gmail, sales leads from platforms like LinkedIn, influencers from social media sites such as YouTube and TikTok, interesting articles to read later, browser bookmarks to share with others, journalists to pitch your startup to, investors from Angellist, and items to buy on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify.

Major Highlights:

  • Send Personalized Mail merges via Gmail
  • Schedule Mail Merges in the future
  • Add URLs and descriptions of any tab to Google Sheets with 1-click
  • Create new Google Sheets from the extension for different lists
  • Add additional fields to Google Sheets from the extension
  • Jump back and forth between different Google Sheets
  • Unlimited rows for creating lists
  • Create lists of sales leads, influencers, articles, bookmarks, journalists, and more
  • Stack up to 10 codes for additional users

Use Cases:

  • Organize sales leads and track their progress
  • Curate a list of influencers for marketing campaigns
  • Save interesting articles for later reading
  • Share browser bookmarks with colleagues
  • Pitch your startup to journalists more effectively
  • Manage investors and potential funding opportunities

🎁 Get the Salesforza Chrome Extensions lifetime deal for $109 with the features mentioned above. Additional users can be added by stacking up to 10 codes.