Sapiengraph Annual Deal

Sapiengraph is an advanced software that enriches your B2B data in Google Sheets from public sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase. With Sapiengraph, you can pull fresh and rich data on people and companies within your spreadsheet.

🎁 Get the Sapiengraph annual deal for $45 per year with the following features:

  • Enrich a person’s profile with 50+ attributes such as first/last name, current company of employment, gender, salary range, and more

  • Resolve an email address to its owner’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub profiles

  • Enrich a company profile with 27+ attributes such as funding data, office locations, industry, and more

  • List a company’s employees

  • Search a company’s employees

  • Find the phone number, personal email, and work email of anyone online

Deal Price:
1900-02-13 0:00:00