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SEO Gets Lifetime Deal 📊 Get Google Search Console Data Without The Limitations

Unlock unlimited Google Search Console data with SEO Gets. Gain valuable insights with a privacy-first analytics platform, master dashboard, and simplified deep dives.

SEO Gets is a groundbreaking SEO analytics tool that transforms the way you handle Google Search Console data. With features like unlimited websites management, privacy-first analytics, plug-and-play setup, user-friendly interface, and a master dashboard for a comprehensive view of website performance, SEO Gets is a must-have for SEO professionals.

Major Highlights:

  • Manage unlimited websites effortlessly
  • Privacy-first analytics for data security
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play setup
  • Intuitive dashboard for easy navigation
  • Comprehensive master dashboard for a panoramic view
  • Simplified tools and reports for actionable insights
  • Constantly evolving based on user feedback
  • Automated alerts and reporting for seamless website management

Use Cases:

  • Monitor website performance across multiple platforms
  • Analyze data for actionable insights and improvements
  • Stay on top of issues with automated alerts
  • Easily export data for further analysis
  • Track keyword performance and trends
  • Identify growing and decaying content for optimization

🎁 Get the SEO Gets lifetime deal for $197, which includes features like unlimited sites/properties, 16 months of data retention, unlimited export to CSV, all sites dashboard, favorite sites, growing & decaying reports, branded & non-branded filter, content group reports, tracked keywords reports, weekly & monthly charts, and multiple GSC accounts.