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  • Up to 3 servers with unlimited applications, sites, databases, and organizations

  • API access with a rate limit of 60

  • Installation via commands and automatic server provisioning with integrations

  • Application/system user management and automatic server configuration

  • Node.js installation and remote database access

  • Advanced log viewer and automated disk cleaner

  • Service management and SSH key management

  • Custom web server rules and root access management

  • One-click server healing and PHP-CLI version management

  • Cloudflare integration and automatic site cloning/migration

  • Supervisor/daemon management and multiple domains for single applications

  • Temporary domains for staging/testing and application auto-installers

  • Cronjob management and one-click SSL certificates/custom SSL certificates

  • Powerful file manager and code editor on the web

  • Automatic backups/restore and integration with storage services

  • One-click staging area and deployment from GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket

  • Access management for application users and IP whitelisting/Fail2Ban

  • 2-Factor authentication and isolated environments for each application

  • Advanced firewall management and automated security updates

  • Server health/load monitoring, MySQL query monitoring, and custom alerts

  • Integration with Telegram/Slack/Discord for notifications.

🎁 Get the ServerAvatar annual deal for $203 $290 per year with everything above +

  • Unlimited servers

  • API Access & API Rate Limit - 120

  • Add/Remove Team Members

  • Create and manage Custom Roles

  • Assign Roles to Team Members

  • Direct Server Sharing with Specific Permissions

  • Monitor Team Activities

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