Lifetime Deals

Shade Lifetime Deal, | A Private AI-Powered File Explorer

Uncover files effortlessly with Shade Lifetime Deal - the ultimate private AI file explorer. Search and preview files securely on your own device.

Shade is a private AI-powered file explorer that allows you to visually search and preview terabytes of files without any file data leaving your computer. With Shade, you can ensure that you never lose an asset again with its auto-tagging and description engine that visually looks at your assets. Some of the major highlights of Shade include:

  • Previews: Visually preview and see everything from BRAW to 3D objects.
  • Smart Collections: Create smart collections across all your files from filters and autogeneration, including people and scenes.
  • External Drive Search: Index and search across SD cards & hard drives, even if they’re not plugged in.
  • Stock Search: Search through an evergrowing set of stock searches for SFX, stock footage, textures and materials, and more.
  • Facial Recognition: Easily find the right person for the project.
  • Mini Shade: Use Mini Shade to instantly search through your assets from any application.
  • Generate Concept Art: Generate ideas and get the results you want, built right into Shade.
  • Reference Board: Design instantly with Shade's built-in reference board.
  • Open In...: Completely integrated with software like the Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve, Unreal Engine, and more.

Some use cases for Shade include:

  • Managing and organizing large volumes of files efficiently.
  • Finding specific assets quickly using facial recognition and smart collections.
  • Generating concept art and reference boards for design projects.

You can get the Shade lifetime deal for $300, which includes unlimited assets, better previews and file support, local AI indexing and search, unlimited search, stock search, new features, EXR Image Sequence Support, and ACES Color Profile Support (Coming Soon). Additionally, there is a free forever plan available with features such as 5000 assets indexed, better previews and file support, local AI indexing and search, and unlimited search + stock search.