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SheetMagic Lifetime Deal, ChatGPT + Google Sheets Integration

Easily generate AI content in Google Sheets with SheetMagic. Streamline your workflow and interact with data seamlessly. Get the lifetime deal now!

SheetMagic, formerly known as SheetGPT, is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates GPT technology into Google Sheets. With SheetMagic, users can easily generate AI content directly within their spreadsheets, making it a convenient and efficient solution for various tasks.

Major Highlights:

  • Works in all languages, allowing users to generate content in any language supported by ChatGPT.
  • Browse the web by inputting URLs into SheetMagic to retrieve full page content for AI interaction.
  • Combine cells to link information together for more comprehensive prompts.
  • No markups required, users can use their own OpenAI API key for cost-effective usage.
  • Unlimited usage with the ability to create as much content as needed without any restrictions.
  • Built for teams, offering multiple plans for collaborative use within organizations.
  • Simple to use with the function =AI(""Your Prompt Here"") for quick responses.
  • Prompt Library included, featuring effective prompts to enhance content creation.
  • Blazing fast responses optimized for speed and efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • Content generation for marketing materials.
  • Language translation for global communication.
  • Data analysis and reporting automation.
  • Team collaboration on AI-powered projects.
  • Educational purposes for interactive learning experiences.

Available Offers:

  • Tier 1 lifetime deal for $69, including 1 user license and essential features.
  • Tier 2 lifetime deal for $138, offering the same features for 5 users.
  • Tier 3 lifetime deal for $207, providing features for 15 users and GPT-4 access.