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Shopia Lifetime Deal, ✍ AI-Based Content-Writer Tool

Shopia Lifetime Deal: Unlock the power of AI with 40+ AI writers. Create & update top performing content in your niche. Boost your website's success with data-driven content creation. Get started now!

Use AI to write content, research files and webpages, or build automation workflows at scale using bulk processing.

Major Highlights:

  • Plan, research, and write SEO-optimized content at scale with Shopia's AI-powered writers.
  • Generate any type of content with artificial intelligence, organize your content into documents, and setup your workspace to work in teams!
  • Shopia's Article Writer is the most comprehensive step-by-step article writer yet. You can choose an article template, keywords and tone to write articles tailored to you.
  • You can even provide example sections to match its style, structure and length.
  • Shopia scrapes top ranking articles from Google allowing you to analyse competitor's content at each step using the Research Assistant.
  • Shopia is packed with over 80 writing templates to help you write pretty much anything you need.
  • You can write original content from just a brief description such as articles, product descriptions, emails, reviews, and even songs.
  • Alternatively, you can use your existing content to summarize, paraphrase, enhance and more!
  • Shopia was built with speed in mind, you can generate engaging 2500+ word articles within just seconds!
  • Not only that, but we also allow you to automate other parts such as providing royalty-free images as well as access to YouTube suggestions.
  • The Article Writer wouldn't be complete without ensuring its content is 100% original and SEO-optimised, which is why it is supplemented with a built-in plagiarism checker, content grader and SEO metrics.
  • You can always edit and generate new content to your article using the AI Writers tab which provides full access to all our writer templates straight from the article writer!

Use Cases:

  • Writing SEO-optimized blog posts and articles at scale.
  • Generating various types of content, such as product descriptions and emails.
  • Analyzing competitor's content through scraping top ranking articles.
  • Creating original content from brief descriptions.
  • Summarizing, paraphrasing, and enhancing existing content.
  • Automating the process of providing images and accessing YouTube suggestions.
  • Checking the originality and SEO optimization of content.
  • Editing and generating new content with access to all writer templates.

🎁 Available offers:

  • Shopia lifetime deal for $98 includes 25,000 words per month, 20 SEO Reports, Bulk product content generator, Integrations to 5000+ apps, 5 Users, 10 Topic Clusters per month, 20 Image Credits, 20+ Languages, and all future plan updates.
  • For $196, get the lifetime license Tier-2 with everything above plus 50,000 words per month, 40 SEO Reports, 20 Topic Clusters per month, and 40 Image Credits.
  • For $294, get the lifetime license Tier-3 with everything above plus 100,000 words per month, 80 SEO Reports, 40 Topic Clusters per month, and 80 Image Credits.
  • For $392, get the lifetime license Tier-4 with everything above plus 150,000 words per month, 160 SEO Reports, 80 Topic Clusters per month, and 160 Image Credits.
  • For $490, get the lifetime license Tier-5 with everything above plus 200,000 words per month, 320 SEO Reports, 160 Topic Clusters per month, and 320 Image Credits.