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SiteGuru Lifetime Deal,

SiteGuru Lifetime Deal: Boost Your Website's Performance. Fix Usability and SEO Issues with Our Powerful SEO Audit and Monitoring Tool. Increase Click-Through Rates and Drive Traffic. Try It Now!

SiteGuru is your SEO specialist.

Major Highlights:

  • Provides a full SEO audit to improve rankings
  • Gives an actionable to-do list for website improvement
  • Monitors SEO performance using data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Identifies keywords for ranking and pages that dropped in search results
  • Helps improve click-through rate from Google
  • Offers pro features like exports, unlimited users, and white label reports

Use Cases:

  • Marketers just starting with SEO can use SiteGuru to improve their rankings
  • Experienced SEO consultants can benefit from SiteGuru's actionable insights
  • Any website owner looking to improve their SEO can utilize SiteGuru

Deal Pricing and Features:

  • SiteGuru lifetime deal available for $69
  • Deal includes:
    • 1 website
    • Up to 500 pages
    • Unlimited users - invite clients and colleagues
    • Export all reports to CSV
    • Download Word reports

Stacking Information:

  • Each additional code allows for 1 more site with 500 pages
  • Maximum of 10 codes can be stacked

Get the SiteGuru lifetime deal now to access these features and improve your website's SEO.