Lifetime Deals

Skymel – Hybrid API Solution | 6 Months Plan

Enhance image processing with Skymel's Hybrid API Solution, utilizing AI to protect visual content. Unlock new capabilities in just 6 months.

The Skymel Hybrid API Solution is a powerful tool that offers three distinct APIs for image detection and generation. The Safe/Unsafe Image Detection API can identify potentially inappropriate content in images with high accuracy, while the AI-Generated Image Detection API is capable of differentiating between AI-created and camera-taken images, useful for detecting deep fakes. The Image Tag/Prompt Generation API generates detailed tags for images, enhancing searchability and organization.

Major Highlights:

  • Safe/Unsafe Image Detection API for identifying inappropriate content
  • AI-Generated Image Detection API for spotting deep fakes
  • Image Tag/Prompt Generation API for detailed tag generation
  • Real-time detection and swift processing time
  • Integration capability with any existing platform
  • High accuracy powered by machine learning algorithms
  • Context-aware tag generation for better image classification
  • Adaptable to various image styles and content

Use Cases:

  • Enhance image searchability and organization
  • Detect deep fakes and manipulated visual content
  • Integrate with existing systems for prompt actions
  • Improve image classification and context understanding

Available Offers:

  • Skymel Hybrid API Solution 6 Months Plan for $75 includes Safe/Unsafe Image Detection API, Image Tag/Prompt Generation API, 1 API Key, and 100,000 images.
  • Tier 2 Plan for $375 offers 500,000 images in addition to the features of the base plan.
  • Tier 3 Plan for $750 includes 1,000,000 images along with all the features of the previous plans.