Lifetime Deals

SlideGPT Lifetime Deal,

Create stunning presentations effortlessly with SlideGPT! AI-powered Google Slides add-on offers one-click presentation creation and access to a vast image library.

The Slides GPT Google Add-on is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create presentations with just one click. It works in all languages supported by ChatGPT, making it accessible to users worldwide. With theme configuration options, you can easily customize the look of your presentation to suit your needs.

Major Highlights:

  • Works in all languages
  • Theme configuration for customization
  • Unlimited Usage with no limits on symbols or quantity
  • Connects to ChatGPT API for AI power
  • Simple to use with one-click presentation creation
  • Blazing fast response times

Use Cases:

  • Create professional presentations quickly
  • Customize presentation themes easily
  • Utilize AI power for enhanced content creation
  • Save time on creating outlines and presentations
  • Collaborate with team members on presentations

🎁 Get the SlideGPT lifetime deal for $39, which includes unlimited presentations, outlines, and images, with no text limits. It also works with Chat GPT API key and includes all future Paid Plan updates. Remember to use an OpenAI key to access SlideGPT and unlock its full potential.