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Sociamonials Lifetime Deal,

Optimize campaigns and boost ROI with Sociamonials Lifetime Deal. Gain valuable social media analytics and automation for improved results.

Sociamonials is a powerful online tool that helps businesses streamline their social media marketing efforts. With Sociamonials, users can easily schedule posts, remove branding from campaigns, and manage publishing approval workflows. The tool also offers detailed user permissions, an Android & iOS mobile app, and unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky-tab widgets.

Major Highlights:

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 3 Users
  • Remove Sociamonials branding from campaigns
  • Publishing approval workflow
  • Detailed user permissions
  • Android & iOS mobile app
  • Unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky-tab widgets
  • Photo, video, and essay contests
  • Video testimonials, product reviews, and customer stories
  • Custom submission forms
  • Premium integrations
  • 1 million+ stock photos
  • Advanced analytics
  • 1 Workspace
  • 30 Social profiles
  • 5,000 Max campaign entries/month

Use Cases:

  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Brand awareness and promotion
  • Customer engagement and interaction
  • Contest and giveaway management
  • Analytics and performance tracking

For a limited time offer, users can get the Sociamonials lifetime deal for $69, which includes all the features mentioned above. Additionally, there are tiered pricing options available for users who require more workspaces, social profiles, and campaign entries. The Lifetime License Tier-2 is available for $138, Tier-3 for $207, Tier-4 for $276, Tier-5 for $345, Tier-6 for $414, Tier-7 for $483, Tier-8 for $552, Tier-9 for $621, and Tier-10 for $690. Each tier offers additional workspaces, social profiles, and max campaign entries per month, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.