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Stepsy Lifetime Deal,

Effortlessly create efficient documentation and training materials with Stepsy Lifetime Deal - save time and boost productivity today!

Stepsy is a powerful online tool that simplifies the process of documenting processes and creating training materials. The browser extension provided by Stepsy allows for easy and secure deployment without the need for elevated privileges. By simply clicking the record button, users can generate a screenshot and text description for every mouse click. These screenshots can be easily edited and exported as Google Doc tutorials, providing flexibility without being tied to any specific software vendor.

Major Highlights:

  • Train and delegate tasks to team members
  • Share knowledge and create a knowledge base
  • Deliver documentation to clients
  • Document business processes efficiently
  • Automatically remove duplicate steps
  • Share captured processes in various formats
  • Easy editing and exporting options
  • Secure deployment without elevated privileges
  • Flexibility to export as Google Doc tutorials
  • Simple and powerful solution for effective documentation

Use Cases:

  • Creating training materials for new team members
  • Documenting business processes for internal use
  • Sharing knowledge and tutorials with clients
  • Streamlining task delegation within the team
  • Maintaining a knowledge base for easy reference

🎁 Get the Stepsy lifetime deal for $39, which includes features such as unlimited guides creation, capturing steps on mouse click, editing captured images, exporting to GDocs, saving locally as HTML, masking sensitive data, automatic duplicates removal, and removing Stepsy branding from images.