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Super Speedy Plugins ( Previously WP Intense) Lifetime Deal,

Enhance WordPress performance with Super Speedy Plugins Lifetime Deal. Includes Super Speedy Search, Scalability Pro, Filters, External Images, Infinite Scroll, and Price Comparison Pro.

Are you looking to supercharge your website's search functionality? Look no further than the Super Speedy Search tool. This tool suggests search results as you type, finds matching taxonomies and post types, and integrates seamlessly with filters to enhance user experience. With ultra-fast performance and full customization options, Super Speedy Search is a must-have for any website.

Major Highlights:

  • Suggests search results as you type
  • Finds matching taxonomies and post types
  • Ultra-fast performance
  • Integrates with filters plugin
  • Fully customizable search results
  • Supports posts, products, and custom post types
  • Displays specific product variations in search results

Use Cases:

  • Enhance user search experience
  • Improve search functionality on e-commerce websites
  • Speed up search queries and results
  • Customize search results to meet specific requirements
  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction

🎁 Get the Super Speedy Search lifetime deal for €799 with features like unlimited sites, lifetime updates & support, and compatibility with MySQL 8 or MariaDB.

Looking for more scalability for your website? Consider the Scalability Pro tool, which speeds up wp-admin, imports, and main queries. With one-click custom indexes and automatic query rewrites, Scalability Pro future-proofs your website and reduces server costs.

🎁 For €499, get the Scalability Pro lifetime license with unlimited sites and all the features mentioned above.

For advanced filtering options, check out the Super Speedy Filters tool. With category, brand, and attribute filters, lightning-fast sub-second filtering, and compatibility with all popular builders, Super Speedy Filters is perfect for optimizing user search experiences.

🎁 For €799, get the Super Speedy Filters lifetime license with unlimited sites and all the features mentioned above.