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SuperDev Pro Lifetime Deal,

Save time and enhance web development with SuperDev Pro. Level up your design game. No more frustrating debugging. Get the lifetime deal now.

They’ve meticulously crafted each feature for a specific task, use them to easily edit, modify, and debug any website.

Major Highlights:

  • CSS Inspector: Inspect CSS properties of any element, view element tagname/classes and visualize colors too; comes with one click copy and arrow key navigation support.
  • Live CSS Editor: Edit webpage CSS and save, copy or export changes; comes with autocomplete, unique selector generator, code formatter and arrow key navigation support.
  • Fonts Changer: Experiment with 1500+ Google fonts, apply them to the entire page, paragraphs, or headings, and optionally, save, copy, or export changes.
  • List All Fonts: Identify all fonts used in the current webpage, their sizes, weights, styles, and how they look on the page, and easily copy and export all data.
  • Color Picker: Pick colors from any website at the pixel level, even from images and videos, create custom color palettes, and copy or export all colors optionally.
  • Color Palette: Discover all used colors in any webpage with an option to copy or export single color or the entire color palette, supports both HEX or RGB format.
  • Move Element: Easily move different webpage elements to see how they look in different positions and quickly undo (CTRL+Z) any changes in case of a mistake.
  • Delete Element: Easily delete any element of a webpage to see how the webpage looks without it, and quickly undo (CTRL+Z) any changes in case of a mistake.
  • Export Element: Export your favourite element of any website, open it on CodePen, or save it as an HTML file; comes with arrow key navigation support.
  • Extract Images: Extract all normal images, meta images, background images, SVGs, and favicons in one click and save them all at once or save them individually.

Use Cases:

  • Perform detailed CSS inspection and modification.
  • Experiment with different fonts and easily apply them to webpages.
  • Analyze and extract colors from any website.
  • Rearrange and delete elements to test different layouts.
  • Export specific elements for further use or analysis.
  • Extract and save images from webpages.

Available Offer:

🎁 Get the SuperDev Pro lifetime deal for $60 with the following features:

  • All Extension Features
  • Chrome, Edge & Brave
  • Priority Email Support
  • 1 Key, 3 Active Devices
  • $180 for 5 Licenses: 1 Key, 15 Active Devices
  • $300 for 10 Licenses: 1 Key, 30 Active Devices