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Superwhisper Lifetime Deal,

Convert speech to text effortlessly with Superwhisper Lifetime Deal. AI-powered macOS app for lightning-fast note-taking and messaging in over 100 languages.

AI powered voice to text for macOS is a revolutionary tool that allows users to write 3x faster without lifting a finger. This tool is 100% private and offline, eliminating the need for WiFi. With support for over 100 languages, users can directly transcribe or translate to English with perfect spelling and punctuation. Additionally, users can customize the AI model by adding custom prompts.

Major Highlights:

  • 100% Private & Offline: No WiFi needed
  • 100+ Languages supported: Direct, or translate to English
  • Write 3x faster: With perfect spelling and punctuation
  • Customize the AI model: Add custom prompts

Use Cases:

  • Transcribe meetings or interviews accurately
  • Quickly jot down notes or ideas without typing
  • Improve productivity by dictating emails or documents
  • Language translation for multilingual communication

🎁 Get the Superwhisper lifetime deal for $164.99 with basic features, unlimited use of small AI models, 15 minutes of Pro and Ultra model usage, support for 100+ languages, custom prompt controls, 24-hour support, literal punctuation control, access to all new features, and the ability to translate any language to English.