Lifetime Deals

SwipeNote Lifetime Deal,

Save social posts, screenshots, and highlights effortlessly with SwipeNote. Organize, collaborate, and assign tasks easily with this project management tool.

With a single click, save social posts, full-page screenshots, kindle highlights, and more with SwipeNote. This simple project management tool allows you to organize, collaborate, and assign tasks to your team mates in one place.

Major Highlights:

  • Chrome Extension to save social posts, ads, text content, images, and URLs
  • Capture and save full-page and regional screenshots
  • Import Kindle book highlights and notes
  • Add tags, notes, and folders with shortcut keys for easy access
  • Web App to organize cards with custom features, files, tags, and sharing options
  • Workspace for teamwork with custom labels, job distribution, collaboration, and real-time chat
  • Android App to save URLs, text content, and locally stored images

Use Cases:

  • Save and organize social media content for research or marketing purposes
  • Collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and setting reminders
  • Keep track of project progress and workflow with custom labels and job boards
  • Access saved content easily across multiple devices for convenience

🎁 Get the SwipeNote lifetime deal for $69 with 10GB storage and essential features. Upgrade to the $119 deal for 5 users with 50GB storage and additional collaboration tools. For larger teams, the $349 deal includes 10 users with 100GB storage, while the $499 deal offers 20 users with 150GB storage.