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Tabular Email Lifetime Deal, 💌 Create High-Performing Emails

Create professional, visually appealing emails effortlessly with Tabular Email. Craft high-performing emails that are optimized for all devices and inboxes, without any coding required. Boost engagement and conversion rates with ease. Try it now!

Tabular is an online tool that allows you to design emails in a tabular format and use them in any email-sending platform. Whether you want to send transactional or marketing emails, Tabular has got you covered. With Tabular, you can upload your designed emails using one of their integrations or manually export the HTML.

Here are the major highlights of Tabular:

  • SendGrid: Send transactional or marketing emails with SendGrid.
  • Mailgun: Design and manage your Mailgun transactional email templates.
  • Mailchimp: Design stunning, effective emails and send them with Mailchimp.
  • Sendinblue: Sell more by sending tabular emails with Sendinblue.
  • Klaviyo: Create emails that convert in your Klaviyo automation.
  • SendPulse: Connect Tabular with SendPulse and optimize your email sales funnel.
  • Transpond: Design stunning emails in Tabular and send them with ease using Transpond.
  • HubSpot: Use Tabular emails in your HubSpot email marketing.
  • Postmark: Send transactional tabular emails with Postmark.

Now, let's move on to the use cases of Tabular:

  • Designing and sending transactional emails with ease.
  • Creating visually appealing marketing emails that convert.
  • Managing and optimizing your email sales funnel.
  • Integrating with popular email-sending platforms like SendGrid, Mailgun, Mailchimp, and more.

Now, let's talk about the available offers and deal pricing for Tabular:

  • Tabular Email Standard Plan: $89 lifetime deal.

    • Includes 1 organization member.
    • Unlimited guests.
    • Unlimited team spaces.
    • 30 stored emails.
    • 20 exports per month.
    • 10 email previews daily.
    • 20GB/mo CDN quota.
  • Tabular Email Mega Plan: $179 lifetime deal.

    • Includes everything from the Standard Plan.
    • 2 organization members.
    • 100 stored emails.
    • 30 exports per month.
    • 10 email previews daily.
    • 20GB/mo CDN quota.
  • Tabular Email Agency Plan: $499 lifetime deal.

    • Includes everything from the Mega Plan.
    • 3 organization members.
    • 500 stored emails.
    • 50 exports per month.
    • 20 email previews daily.
    • 20GB/mo CDN quota.
    • Secret team spaces.

These deals provide great value for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing efforts with tabular emails. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your email campaigns with Tabular.