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Tagmate Lifetime Deal,

Automate tracking tag implementation on your website with Tagmate Lifetime Deal. Save time and improve accuracy with this powerful tool.

Tagmate is a user-friendly tool designed for non-coders to easily set up web tags without the need for a tech team. With Tagmate, you can ensure bug-free data accuracy and 24/7 tag monitoring for your website. The tool offers a lightning-fast setup process with over 40 tracking templates to choose from, including add-to-cart, form tracking, and scroll-tracking.

Major Highlights:

  • Made for non-coders
  • Bug-free data accuracy
  • Lightning fast setup process
  • Affordable pricing starting at $49/month
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant for data privacy
  • Easy collaboration with team members

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce tracking
  • Lead generation tracking
  • User behavior tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Form submission tracking

🎁 Available Offer:

  • Tier-1: Lifetime deal for $99 includes unlimited UA to GA4 Tag Migration, 20 Templates for GA4 & UA per Website, 20 Pixels for 2 Marketing Platforms per Website, 50 Custom Events for GA4 & UA per Website via Tagmate Tracker, 5 User Logins, and 5 Website/Domain.
  • Tier-2: For $198, get everything in Tier-1 plus 10 User Logins and 10 Websites/Domains.
  • Tier-3: For $297, get everything in Tier-2 plus 15 User Logins and 15 Websites/Domains.
  • Tier-4: For $396, get everything in Tier-3 plus 20 User Logins, 20 Websites/Domains, Implementation Support up to 10 hours, and Server-Side Tagging for FCAPI (Meta).
  • Tier-5: For $495, get everything in Tier-4 plus 25 User Logins and 25 Websites/Domains.
  • Tier-6: For $594, get everything in Tier-5 plus 25 User Logins and 50 Websites/Domains.