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TalentSheets Lifetime Deal,

Supercharge your Gmail and Google Drive with TalentSheets! Unlock a suite of tools including Chrome extension, Sheet Add-On, and templates.

The TalentSheets suite of tools is a powerful solution that allows users to streamline their influencer marketing efforts. By integrating seamlessly with Google Sheets, TalentSheets enables users to efficiently manage talent lists, track influencer performance, and automate various tasks related to influencer campaigns. With TalentSheets, users can pull data from public Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok channels, add it to Google Sheets, email talent lists, create UTMs and Bitlys for tracking, generate legal contracts, track shipping information, and monitor influencer post performance - all within the familiar environment of Google Drive.

Major Highlights:

  • Pull data from public Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok channels
  • Add data to Google Sheets for talent list building
  • Automate workflow and tracking in Google Sheets
  • Generate legal contracts with expert-vetted templates
  • Track shipping information and receive status notifications
  • Monitor influencer post performance automatically

Use Cases:

  • Streamline influencer marketing efforts
  • Efficiently manage talent lists
  • Automate tasks related to influencer campaigns
  • Track and analyze influencer performance
  • Simplify legal documentation for influencer collaborations

🎁 Get the TalentSheets lifetime deal for $59, including:

  • Chrome Extension for Pulling Influencer Data
  • Google Sheet Templates for Workflow & Performance Tracking
  • Automation of Workflow and Tracking in Google Sheets
  • Email Templates for Mass Influencer Outreach
  • Lawyer-Drafted Legal Campaign Agreement Template