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Tapdesk One Year Access

Get one year of access to Tapdesk, the ultimate CRM tool for generating qualified leads, sending emails, scheduling appointments, and tracking sales.

Tapdesk is a powerful online tool that helps you find leads, manage your sales pipeline, and reach out to potential customers effectively. With features like Individual Search, Google Business Listing, and Social Profile links, Tapdesk provides you with verified data of your leads with just a few clicks. You can easily add leads to your Sales Pipeline, authorize your email address for outreach, and schedule events with the built-in scheduler app.

Major Highlights:

  • Search: Utilize Tapdesk AI to search for businesses and individuals, ensuring current and highly relevant results.
  • Pipelines: Organize pipelines into categories like active, archived, shared, and deleted, with important attributes displayed for each.
  • Contacts: Easily add contacts to pipelines, schedule activities, and broadcast email campaigns with a single click.
  • Admin Tools: Set permissions, view personalized reports, and manage resources to maximize productivity.
  • Calendar and Scheduler: Schedule calls, demos, and meetings without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.
  • Multiple View Types: Manage pipelines, flow, and deals efficiently with different view types.
  • Third Party App Integrations: Import data from third-party applications and extend workspace capabilities with easy installation from the Tapdesk App Center.

Use Cases:

  • Find leads for specific individuals or businesses
  • Manage sales pipelines effectively
  • Reach out to potential customers with personalized email campaigns
  • Schedule events and meetings seamlessly
  • Integrate with third-party applications for enhanced functionality

🎁 Available Offer:
For just $99 with the One Year plan, you get access to a range of features including basic and advanced business searches, individual searches, Tapdesk tokens, file storage space, campaign features, calendar, Tapdesk AI automation, and more. Don't miss out on this deal to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts with Tapdesk!