Lifetime Deals

Telescope Lifetime Deal,

Unlock the power of analytics with Telescope Lifetime Deal. Compute health scores and generate ROI-based decks effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual calculations!

Telescope is a powerful tool that helps users make data-driven decisions effortlessly. With features like forecasting, granularity, configurability, and aggregation, Telescope allows users to execute revenue strategies, align goals to business outcomes, tailor solutions to specific requirements, and view all data in one convenient location.

Major Highlights:

  • Forecasting: Execute revenue strategies based on reliable numbers
  • Granularity: Align goals to account-level business outcomes
  • Configurability: Tailor-made solution for startups to enterprises
  • Aggregation: View all data in one place without switching between browser tabs

Use Cases:

  • Analyzing revenue trends
  • Tracking business goals
  • Monitoring performance metrics
  • Streamlining data management

🎁 Get the Telescope lifetime deal for $69 with features like 200 accounts + 10 metrics, 10 users + 10 projects, storage for up to 2,000 attachments, 5 integrations, 1,000 emails per month, health dashboard, customer 360 view, comments, user roles/role restriction, predictive insights (beta), export insights, and API access.