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TeleSender Lifetime Deal,

TeleSender Lifetime Deal: Supercharge your Telegram marketing strategy with the ultimate companion. Streamline outreach efforts and maximize your reach.

Looking for a powerful tool to supercharge your Telegram marketing efforts? Look no further than TeleSender!

Major Highlights:

  • Scraper: A bot that scrapes users from any group or channel, meticulously replicating human behavior on the browser while sending messages.
  • API Scraper: Unlike Scraper, API Scraper uses API to extract users from any group or channel, delivering fast results.
  • Sender: A bot that sends bulk messages to users, eliminating the need for manual, one-by-one messaging to all your customers.
  • Inviter: A bot that invites users to your group or channel, including scraped users from competitor groups.

Use Cases:

  • Expand your reach by scraping users from relevant groups or channels and inviting them to your own.
  • Save time and effort by sending bulk messages to your customers, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Gain valuable insights by extracting users via API Scraper and analyzing their behavior for targeted marketing campaigns.

🎁 TeleSender Lifetime Deal:

  • Price: $29
  • Features included: Scraper, API Scraper, Sender, Inviter
  • All future Membership Plan updates are also included.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Telegram marketing strategy with TeleSender's comprehensive features and lifetime deal. Grab this offer now to unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts on Telegram.