The Mini by Routie Lifetime Deal

Mini is the best guest Wi-Fi solution for your business! With a hotel-style captive portal, you can control access and welcome your guests with personalized messaging.

🎁 Get the The Mini by Routie lifetime deal for $599.99 with the following features:

  • Network: 2 password-based staff or point-of-sale networks (with ability to name the staff networks)

  • Two-tier Wi-Fi sharing: free or fast

  • Fast Wi-Fi sharing rate: Customizable wifi sharing rates (rates and duration)

  • Wi-Fi sharing revenue: 80/20 split

  • Customizable captive portal: welcome text, color theme, add a background photo

  • Customizable network name

  • Add company logo to captive portal login

  • Build a customer database: Expand your customer database by collecting guest info, such as email, social login, birthday, phone number, etc upon login

  • Allow social media account login (Twitter & Facebook)

  • Manage your network effectively with intelligent usage and time restrictions

  • Analyze your visitor growth with dashboard insights and analytics

  • Monitor your earned revenue in the dashboard

  • Export your guest email database into a 3rd party email marketing platform

  • Built-in VPN: Keep customers safe with built-in VPN and a suit of exit options

  • Customer support: Premium Phone Support (these customers will have separate phone number for a support)

Deal Price:
1901-08-21 23:45:36