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Transcript.LOL Lifetime Deal,

Transcribe videos and podcasts effortlessly with Transcript.LOL - an AI-powered transcription service. Instantly convert audio content into written text. Get accurate, efficient transcriptions for easy accessibility and content creation. Try Transcript.LOL now!

Transcripts and insights for any Video, Podcast, or Meeting.

Major Highlights:

  • Summaries: Extract key points from your transcriptions effortlessly.
  • Topics: Categorize key themes. Select any topic and get a list of all the relevant sections where the topic was discussed.
  • Contextual Q&A: Still have questions? Don't worry, we've got answers. Every answer we provide is directly drawn from your transcript, complete with precise references.
  • Speaker identification: Distinguish and label multiple speakers. They maintain the clarity of each speaker's contributions. When you decide to read, you'll know exactly who said what.
  • Readable: Includes perfect punctuation and formatting. They make sure that each transcript is easy to read and understand. With perfect punctuation and formatting, you can focus on what matters most.

Use Cases:

  • Summaries every hour and every 10 minutes.
  • Social media posts for Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Quotes and Ask AI - answers only from your transcript with sources.
  • Topics and Chapters with start and end times.
  • Title suggestions that convert and minutes of the meeting.
  • Quizzes for educational content and blog post.
  • Newsletter, Twitter threads, and Tweets.

Available Offers:
🎁 Get the Transcript.LOL lifetime deal for $39 with the following features:

  • 400 minutes per month + 2 hours max file duration.
  • 512 MB max upload size + Unlimited questions.
  • Works with 1500+ services including YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Apple Podcasts.
  • Transcript with timestamps + Over 99% accuracy + Speaker diarization.

🎁 Get the Transcript.LOL lifetime deal for $78 with everything above +:

  • 800 minutes per month.
  • 5 hours max file duration.
  • 1 GB max upload size.

🎁 Get the Transcript.LOL lifetime deal for $117 with everything above +:

  • 1,600 minutes per month.
  • 20 hours max file duration.
  • 4 GB max upload size.