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Translate.Video Lifetime Deal, 🎥 AI Powered Online Video Translator

Translate.Video Lifetime Deal: Easily translate audio, captions, and subtitles in 75+ languages from any video with our AI-powered online video translator and editor. Increase click-through rates and reach a global audience effortlessly.

The Online Video Translator is an efficient tool that allows you to scale your content reach globally. With its innovative features, you can easily generate captions, subtitles, and voice-overs in multiple languages. Here are the major highlights of this tool:

  • Generate Captions For Video: Instantly create closed captions to make your content accessible across various platforms.
  • Subtitle Generator: Translate your subtitles into multiple languages, attracting a global audience.
  • Video Dubbing: Translate and dub videos in over 75 languages, ensuring effective communication with your viewers.
  • AI Voice-over Generator: Choose from a wide selection of 1200+ voices to generate high-quality, human-like voice-overs.
  • Record Video: Easily record voice-overs and seamlessly integrate them into your videos with just a single click.
  • Video Transcript Generator: Generate transcripts in the source language and effortlessly translate them into 75+ languages.
  • File Format: Export your video files in .mp4 format and captions/subtitles in .srt or .vtt format.

Translate.Video offers a range of features to enhance your content translation experience. With its highly-rated performance on platforms like Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice, you can trust this tool to deliver exceptional results.

🎁 Take advantage of the Translate.Video lifetime deal for only $99, which includes the following features:

  • Video Translation: 100 Mins/month
  • Premium Voice: 25 Mins/month
  • Subtitles: Unlimited
  • Export: 200 Mins/month
  • Storage: 20 GB
  • Max File Upload Length: 60 Mins
  • Max File Upload Size: Unlimited
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Export Quality: 1080p
  • Download Subtitles: SRT, VTT
  • No Watermark
  • No. of Folders: Unlimited

With Translate.Video, you can effortlessly reach a global audience, effectively communicate your message, and elevate the accessibility of your content. Don't miss out on this incredible tool that revolutionizes the way you translate and communicate through video.