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Trends Pro 📈 Uncover New Markets and Ideas

Discover untapped markets and ideas with Trends Pro. Gain 300% more insights, connect with experts, and secure over $100k in startup savings. Unleash your business's potential.

Welcome to Trends Pro! This subscription-based SaaS tool is a treasure trove of insights for entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, side hustlers, investors, and more.

Major Highlights:

  • Gain access to a full library of 140+ Trends Pro Reports, offering 300% more insights than traditional sources.
  • Participate in daily standups, unlock masterminds after a 30-day streak, and join 1:1 founder intros for insightful discussions.
  • Avail yourself of $100k+ in startup discounts on essential services like AWS and Twilio.
  • Learn from over 300 experts on a wide range of topics including NFTs, DeFi, personal brands, and more.


  • Stay informed about the latest trends in various industries through curated reports and discussions.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, share wins, and receive expert feedback to supercharge your business growth.
  • Access valuable startup discounts while networking with potential collaborators and investors.
  • Learn from industry leaders through masterminds, daily standups, and personalized 1:1 interactions.

Use Cases:

  • Forward-thinking individuals keen on exploring new markets and generating innovative ideas.
  • Those who want to foster a supportive community for growth and success.

Available Offer:

  • Get Trends Pro Membership for $299 per year.
  • Pro Features include paid community access, 140+ Trends Pro Reports + 2 new reports each month, $100k+ startup discounts, and more.

Additional Discount:

  • Pro supports Parity Purchasing Power.
  • Residents of countries like India will receive an additional 40% discount.

Free Newsletter:

  • Get Newsletter for FREE.
  • Save 2,000+ hours of market research with free 5-minute reports on AI, Crypto, and more.
  • Discover new markets and ideas with 65K+ like-minded founders.
  • Share the newsletter with friends for a chance to win 1 year of Trends Pro.

For more information and to avail the discount, visit the Pro website here and join Newsletter here.