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Discover new markets and ideas with's free newsletter. Save time with 5-minute reports on AI, Crypto, and more. Join 65K+ like-minded founders and get 1 year of Trends Pro ($299 value) when you share with friends. is a platform founded by Dru Riley in 2020 to assist founders and investors in discovering new markets and ideas. With over 40,000 subscribers and 1,000 Trends Pro Members in just 10 months, has quickly gained popularity. By joining, you will receive weekly free research reports that provide valuable insights.

For those looking for more premium resources, there is the option to become a member for $299 per year. This membership includes exclusive access to over 140 Trends Pro Reports, allowing you to delve deep into new markets and ideas. Additionally, offers Founder Masterminds where you can share goals, progress, and problem-solving strategies with other entrepreneurs. These group meetings are conducted for one hour every Monday.

To stay productive and accountable, provides Daily Standups. By participating in these standups, you can build streaks and unlock 1:1 Founder Intros, Masterminds, and more. Another benefit of being a member is the opportunity to engage in 1:1 Founder Intros. This allows you to meet new founders each week, share lessons, and explore ways to help one another.

In addition to these features, offers access to over $100,000 in startup discounts for popular platforms such as AWS, Twilio, Webflow, ClickUp, and more. Members also receive two new reports every month, ensuring they stay ahead of the latest industry trends. Early report access provides a first look at what's coming next in the industry. encourages community participation by allowing members to suggest topics, share wins, and discover new tools with the community. Expert feedback is also available to help refine strategies and make informed decisions.

For those interested in joining Newsletter for free, there are several advantages to consider. You can save over 2,000 hours of market research with their free 5-minute reports on topics such as AI, Crypto, and more. By joining the newsletter, you become part of a community of over 65,000 like-minded founders. Additionally, you have the opportunity to share the newsletter with friends and get a chance to win one year of Trends Pro membership.

If you decide to upgrade to Trends Pro Membership, the annual fee of $299 provides access to numerous pro features. In addition to all the benefits mentioned earlier, such as paid community access and 140+ Trends Pro Reports, you also gain support on launches and the ability to suggest new topics. You can discuss Trends Pro Reports and get early access to new reports. Sharing wins and discovering new productivity tools are also part of the membership.

It's important to note that Pro offers discounts based on Parity Purchasing Power. Residents of countries like India can enjoy an additional 40% discount. The discount code can be found on the Pro website.

In conclusion, provides a wealth of resources and insights for founders and investors. Whether you choose the free newsletter or the Pro Membership, you'll gain access to valuable reports, community engagement, and discounts on various startup platforms.