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Typeflo Lifetime Deal, 🚀 Transform Your Google Docs into Stunning Blogs

Transform your Google Docs into stunning, fast-loading blogs with Typeflo. Save time and effort on content formatting and optimization. Boost your blog's performance and productivity. Get the Typeflo Lifetime Deal now.

Typeflo is a powerful SaaS tool designed to simplify the process of turning your Google Docs into sleek, SEO-ready blogs. With Typeflo, you can seamlessly integrate your Google Docs articles and transform them into professional-looking blogs without the hassle of formatting or optimizing content.

Major Highlights:

  • Typeflo preserves the formatting and images from your Google Docs, ensuring that your blogs retain their original style and visual appeal.
  • Typeflo offers fast-loading blogs that are optimized for SEO right out of the box, resulting in better rankings and greater visibility for your content.
  • Typeflo provides customization options, allowing you to host your blog on your own domain or choose a custom one. This flexibility enables you to maintain your brand identity and maximize SEO power by having your blog directly on your website.
  • Teams and freelancers can streamline their workflow with Typeflo's intuitive dashboard. It serves as a command center where you can spin up new client sites, publish with a click, and oversee your entire blog empire. Assign writers, categorize posts, delve into analytics, and fine-tune SEO, all from one spot.

Use Cases:

  • Content writers, bloggers, marketing agencies, startups, and businesses can leverage Typeflo to enhance their productivity and simplify their blogging process.
  • Typeflo offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration, fast-loading blogs, and customization options, enabling users to create a polished online presence.

Available Offers:

  • Get the Typeflo lifetime deal for $29 with the following features:

    • Unlimited posts + Unlimited guest authors
    • 30,000 visitors /month
    • Remove Typeflo Branding
    • CNAME (subdomain)
    • Basic SEO Features
    • 1 website + 1 user account
    • Fast-blasting hosting with Free SSL, CDN & Edge Caching
    • Connect your domain
    • Instant Gdocs to blog by keeping formatting
    • Sitemaps + Image optimization
    • SEO Features + RSS Feed + Guest Authors
  • Get the Typeflo lifetime deal for $69 with everything above, plus:

    • Unlimited visitors /month
    • CNAME (subfolder)
    • All SEO Features (coming soon)
    • 3 websites + 3 user accounts
    • Code Inject + Privacy Friendly Analytics
  • Get the Typeflo lifetime deal for $139 with everything above, plus:

    • 7 websites + 7 user accounts
  • Get the Typeflo lifetime deal for $299 with everything above, plus:

    • 25 websites + 25 user accounts
    • Webhooks
    • Bulk Publish Posts (coming soon)
    • Schedule Posts (coming soon)
  • Get the Typeflo lifetime deal for $499 with everything above, plus:

    • 999 websites + 50 user accounts
    • Whitelabel (coming very soon)
      • Agencies: Stack a Tier-5 to add 50 additional sub-accounts with their own workspace.
    • ** Stack 5 of them and get a bonus of 100 extra sub-accounts and workspaces.