Lifetime Deals

UNA CMS Lifetime Deal All-In-One Community Management System

Create and manage your own social network with UNA CMS Lifetime Deal. Customize and host your community with this all-in-one system.

UNA CMS is an all-in-one community management system tailored for developers, product managers, and web design agencies. This platform provides a customizable, self-hosted, GDPR-compliant solution to construct independent social networks.

Major Highlights:

  • GDPR-compliant and AI-powered
  • White label options available
  • CNAME support for custom branding
  • Integrations with Amazon S3, Google Tag Manager, Intercom, Mailchimp, and Twilio
  • Seamless migration with existing accounts
  • Pre-configured social network with essential features like feeds, profiles, and groups
  • Access to over 100 no-code modules for customization
  • Custom navigation structures and permissions for different member roles
  • Vertical or horizontal scaling for deployment as one application or microservices
  • Studio access for easy website customization

Use Cases:

  • Create custom social media networks
  • Build interactive features like quizzes, contests, and news
  • Foster social connections through profile integration
  • Secure and scalable platform for independent social networks

Available Offers:

  • UNA CMS Tier 1 lifetime deal for $69
  • UNA CMS Tier 2 lifetime deal for $199
  • UNA CMS Tier 3 lifetime deal for $399
  • UNA CMS Tier 4 lifetime deal for $599

Grab these deals before they end to unlock the full potential of UNA CMS for creating and managing your social networks effectively.