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Vend Email Lifetime Deal, 💌 Free Forwarding Emails You Can Sell

Vend Email: Secure and Control Your Inbox with Anonymous Email Addresses You Can Create and Transfer Easily and Securely. Get a Lifetime Deal Now!

Create your forwarders in seconds:

  • Create a forwarder: Quickly and easily create an email using one of our premium domains.
  • Use them anywhere: Sign up for websites and newsletters using your new forwarding email address.
  • Receive your emails: Emails are securely sent directly to another email address of your choice.

Easily invite someone else to take ownership:

  • Set your price: Choose how much you want to sell your forwarder for (or make it free).
  • Send your invitation: Your customer will receive an invitation to accept or safely buy your email address.
  • Get notified when you get paid: Funds will land directly into your account, less fees. Powered by Stripe.

Major Highlights:

  • Create forwarders in seconds
  • Use forwarders for signing up on websites and newsletters
  • Receive emails securely on another email address
  • Easily invite others to take ownership
  • Set your own price for selling forwarders
  • Get notified when you get paid

Use Cases:

  • Create a professional email address for your business
  • Sell premium email addresses to interested buyers
  • Safely transfer ownership of email addresses
  • Receive payments directly into your account

Available Offers:

  • Vend Email lifetime deal for $79: Create 500 forwarding email addresses, 3% sales commission + your local Stripe fee, and buy unlimited forwarders (purchased forwarders don't count towards the quota).
  • Lifetime license Tier-2 for $129: Create 1000 forwarding email addresses, 2% sales commission + your local Stripe fee.
  • Lifetime license Tier-3 for $199: Create 2000 forwarding email addresses, 1% sales commission + your local Stripe fee.
  • Lifetime license Tier-4 for $299: Unlimited forwarding email addresses, no sales commission, only your local Stripe fee.