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VerifyEmail Lifetime Deal,

Clean and verify your email lists effortlessly with VerifyEmail. Ensure your marketing messages reach the right audience with this efficient bulk email verification tool.

VerifyEmail is an email verification tool that allows users to verify email lists in bulk directly from their Google Sheet. The tool offers several key features and benefits that make it stand out from the rest:

Major Highlights:

  • Verify Email Lists: Verify Email in Bulk directly from your Google Sheet.
  • Duplicates: Removes all records containing duplicates.
  • Greylisting Verification: Determines the real status of an email address without compromising on turnaround time.
  • Syntax Validation: Cleans email lists by conforming invalid syntax to the standard format.
  • Gibberish Check: Identifies and calls attention to random email addresses.
  • Disposable Email Verification: Checks if email addresses are from disposable email providers.
  • Data Privacy: Your data is never resold and is GDPR compliant.

Use Cases:

  • Identify quality leads for Freelancers when searching for gigs.
  • Verify email lists before sending bulk email campaigns as an Email Marketer or Digital Marketer.
  • Communicate with customers through emails, newsletters, and marketing emails as a CMO or Lead generator.
  • Identify quality leads for Job searchers for cold emailing purposes.

Businesses are choosing VerifyEmail over other tools because it decreases bounce rates by 90% after email verification, integrates directly inside Google Sheets, reduces false leads by 95%, and offers a simple setup and ease of use. Additionally, all features are available, and there is a limited-time lifetime deal available for users:

🎁 Get the VerifyEmail lifetime deal for $25 with:

  • 21k email per month
  • Real-time Processing
  • Free updates
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

  • Quick support
  • Firewall protection

For additional email volume, users can opt for higher-tier plans at $49, $75, or $99 with increased email limits per month.