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VoiceOverMaker Lifetime Deal,

Effortlessly convert voiceovers/text-to-speech into multiple languages with VoiceOverMaker. Experience seamless automatic translation with just a click. Lifetime Deal available.

VoiceOverMaker is an AI-powered text-to-speech platform that allows users to create professional voice-overs for video and audio content. With an advanced video and audio editor, users can manage voice-over videos and audio files in projects, customize speech with pitch and speech speed controls, and even add sound or accent to selected words. The platform supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) for natural-sounding voice conversions.

Major Highlights:

  • Advanced video and audio (text-to-speech) editor
  • Natural sounding voice with SSML support
  • Easy browser-based usage
  • Multilingual capabilities for seamless translation
  • Conversion of text to speech to MP3, WAV, and MP4
  • Team access for collaborative content creation
  • Ready-to-use YouTube video creation
  • Simplified audio and video transcription
  • Screen recorder for direct video recording

Use Cases:

  • Create voice-overs for YouTube videos
  • Transcribe and translate audio efficiently
  • Collaborate with team members for content creation
  • Record screencasts with voice-overs
  • Customize speech speed and pitch for unique voice-overs

🎁 Available Offers:

  • €10 lifetime deal with 60,000 chars (credits) for commercial use
  • €15 lifetime deal with 120,000 chars (credits) for personal use
  • €34 lifetime deal with 300,000 chars (credits) for all functions and commercial use

With VoiceOverMaker, users can enhance their content creation process by leveraging AI-powered text-to-speech technology for engaging voice-overs in multiple languages.