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WAnalytics Lifetime Deal,

Track visitors in real-time with WAnalytics Lifetime Deal. Privacy-focused web analytics tool ensures data security without compromising visitor privacy.

Analytics tools are essential for understanding website performance, and WAnalytics offers a comprehensive solution for this purpose. With advanced analytics features, users can gain valuable insights into their website traffic and visitor behavior.

Major Highlights:

  • Realtime: Detailed report of website traffic in real-time.
  • Overview: Comprehensive overview of website statistics.
  • Behavior: Analysis of best-performing pages on the website.
  • Acquisitions: Understanding traffic channels for visitor acquisition.
  • Geographic: Visitor location information down to the city level.
  • Technology: Devices and software used by visitors.
  • Events: Custom event creation and conversion tracking.
  • Export: Ability to export website statistics in CSV format.

Use Cases:

  • Monitor website traffic in real-time.
  • Identify top-performing pages for optimization.
  • Track visitor acquisition channels for marketing strategies.
  • Understand visitor demographics and location for targeted campaigns.
  • Analyze device and software preferences for website optimization.

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