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WizyChat Lifetime Deal,

Get instant answers for customers and team with personalized AI chatbots. WizyChat Lifetime Deal - zero coding, share on your website in minutes!

The WizyChat tool is an accessible and easy-to-use platform that focuses on educating attendees on how to protect highly vulnerable business applications through interactive panel discussions and roundtables. It requires no code and is powered by the most advanced GPT-4 LLM. The tool is integration-friendly, regularly updated, highly customizable in design, and developer-friendly.

Major Highlights:

  • No code required
  • Powered by GPT-4 most advanced LLM
  • Integration friendly
  • Regular updates
  • Highly Customizable Design
  • Developer friendly

Use Cases:

  • Creating powerful AI knowledge bases
  • Extracting text data from websites using Smart Web Crawler
  • Supporting over 15 data formats and 95+ languages
  • Open to complex integrations via API

🎁 Get the WizyChat lifetime deal for $490 with the following features:

  • Free access to new features
  • 50,000 Messages + OpenAI API Key Support
  • 20,000,000 Knowledge base Characters per chatbot (~4,250,000 words)
  • GPT-4 support + 50 Chatbots
  • Remove ""Powered by WizyChat""
  • Zapier integration
  • integration
  • API Access
  • URL Documents Auto-Sync
  • Show Sources + Voice To Text
  • Rate limiting + WordPress integration