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WordLift Lifetime Deal,

Enhance SEO with WordLift Lifetime Deal, the innovative Google Sheet add-on for semantic keyword research and JSON-LD creation. Boost content visibility now!

WordLift is a powerful online tool that helps you optimize your website for search engines by analyzing the SERP and creating JSON-LD for you. To get started, simply download queries from Google Search Console or any SEO tool, or add keywords to a Google Sheet. WordLift will then extract the most relevant entities and generate the necessary JSON-LD for better search engine rankings.

Major Highlights:

  • Install the SEO Add-On and configure settings in Google Sheets™
  • Connect Google Search Console to extract top search queries
  • Run SERP analysis and select relevant entities
  • Build JSON-LD for improved search engine visibility
  • $39 lifetime plan includes 500 queries per month, query tags, fast & user-friendly interface, works on any website, and live support
  • $79 lifetime plan offers 2,000 queries per month

Use Cases:

  • Optimize website content for better search engine rankings
  • Increase visibility and organic traffic
  • Save time with automatic search functions and entity import
  • Receive live support from a dedicated team
  • Improve website performance on search engines

For a limited time, you can get the $39 lifetime plan with 500 queries per month, specific query tags, fast and user-friendly interface, works on any website, and live support. The $79 lifetime plan offers 2,000 queries per month. Take advantage of this offer to supercharge your website's SEO efforts.