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WP Adminify Lifetime Deal, 🛠️ Customize Your WordPress Dashboard Easily

Customize your WordPress backend with WP Adminify. Easily personalize your dashboard and enhance your website management experience.

WP Adminify is the ultimate solution for transforming your WordPress client dashboard with a custom admin panel. With its various features and functionalities, you can elevate your admin panel experience with precision and style.

Major Highlights:

  • White Label branding
  • Dark Mode
  • Admin notice
  • Login customizer
  • Admin page
  • Admin columns
  • Media folders
  • Admin menu editor
  • Custom Dashboard Widget
  • And many more

Use Cases:

  • Customize the branding of your client's WordPress dashboard with White Label branding.
  • Enable Dark Mode for a sleek and modern look.
  • Display important admin notices to communicate important information to users.
  • Customize the login page to match your client's branding.
  • Create custom admin pages for specific purposes.
  • Organize media files with the help of media folders.
  • Edit and customize the admin menu to streamline navigation.
  • Add custom dashboard widgets to display relevant information.
  • And many more use cases to explore and enhance your admin panel.

Available Offer:

  • WP Adminify Single Plan lifetime deal for $69
    • Includes features such as quick menu, menu duplicator, post types, order post duplicator, disable comments, admin columns, Google page speed insights, header and footer scripts, dashboard and welcome widget, admin notices, folders, menu editor, login customizer, custom sidebar, activity logs, notification bar, server information, dismiss admin notices, and white label.
  • WP Adminify Double Plan lifetime deal for $138
    • Includes all the features mentioned above but for 200 sites.
  • WP Adminify Multiple Plan lifetime deal for $207
    • Includes all the features mentioned above and is valid for unlimited sites.

With WP Adminify, you can unlock the full potential of your WordPress admin panel and create a customized and efficient experience for both you and your clients. Whether you're managing a single site or multiple sites, WP Adminify has got you covered. Get started today and revolutionize your admin panel management.