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WP Armour Anti Spam Lifetime Deal, ✦ Get 20% Extra Off

WP Armour Anti Spam Lifetime Deal: Save Time with Genuine Form Submissions. Get 20% Extra Off now to shield your website from spam and enjoy hassle-free communication.

WP Armour is an efficient tool that provides spam protection for your forms, comments, and registrations. With easy setup and no complicated settings involved, WP Armour makes it hassle-free to enable spam protection for your website.

Here are the major highlights and important features of WP Armour:

  1. Easy Setup: Activate WP Armour to start protecting your website from spam. No messy settings or configurations required.

  2. Support for Popular Forms: WP Armour seamlessly works with almost all popular forms without any additional settings.

  3. Record Spam Submissions: WP Armour allows you to keep a record of spam submissions, providing peace of mind that spammers are being blocked and genuine users are not affected.

  4. Block Spammer IP: If there are multiple spam submissions from the same IP address, WP Armour can automatically block that IP, which helps save bandwidth and resources.

  5. Lifetime License & Easy Refund: Unlike other Anti Spam Plugins, WP Armour offers a lifetime license with no monthly subscriptions. Pay once and enjoy the benefits of anti-spam protection for a lifetime. Additionally, WP Armour provides an easy refund policy.

  6. Robust Support: WP Armour not only focuses on developing its plugins but also offers excellent support. If you encounter any issues, their dedicated support team is always ready to assist you.

Use Cases:

  • Protecting Contact Forms: Prevent spam submissions on contact forms, ensuring that you receive genuine inquiries and messages.

  • Securing Comment Sections: Block spam comments on your blog posts, maintaining a clean and valuable discussion platform for your readers.

  • Safeguarding Registrations: Prevent spam registrations on your website, ensuring that only legitimate users can sign up and access your content.

Available Offers:

  • Use discount code "SPECIAL20" during checkout to get an additional 20% off on WP Armour.

  • With the coupon code, you can avail the unlimited sites lifetime license for $79.99 instead of $99.99.

  • If you require a lower plan, you can choose the 1 Site Lifetime License for $15.99 or the 5 sites license for $39.99.

  • All licenses have lifetime validity and come with premium support.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to protect your website from spam with WP Armour. Use the discount code "SPECIAL20" and grab your lifetime license now.