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WP Cookie Consent Plugin Lifetime Acess 🍪 GDPR & CCPA Compliance Made Easy

WP Cookie Consent Plugin: Ensure GDPR & CCPA Compliance with Ease. Lifetime Access to a Powerful Tool for Cookie Consent Management. Comply with EU GDPR and California CCPA Regulations.

The WP Cookie Consent Plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps align your website with GDPR and CCPA standards. It simplifies the process of creating compliant cookie consent practices while enhancing user trust and transparency.

Major Highlights:

  • Granular cookie consent: Obtain categorized consent from website visitors to allow the use of website and/or third-party cookies.
  • Revoke/change consent: Enable website visitors to revoke or change their consent categories at any time.
  • Consent Log: Store a consent log of consents given by website visitors for easy lookup.
  • Cookie detector (auto-scan): Quickly detect all website cookies in one click, saving time by populating cookie details and categorizing them.
  • Third-party cookie details: Automatically fetch the details of 3rd party cookies, including privacy policy links of popular scripts.
  • Manually add/edit cookie details: Easily add and edit details of cookies used on your website.
  • Auto cookie categorization: Automatically categorize known third-party cookies into Necessary, Marketing, Analytics, and Preference categories.
  • Fully-customizable cookie notice: Customize every aspect of your cookie notice, including content, layout, position, and colors.
  • Auto-block third-party cookies: Automatically block known third-party cookies until consent is given by the visitor.
  • Geo-targeting: Display or hide the cookie consent notice based on the visitor's location.

Use Cases:

  • Categorized Cookie Clarity: Classify cookies into categories for better understanding.
  • Path to Privacy Policy: Direct users to your Privacy Policy page to reinforce transparent data usage.
  • Flexible Presentation: Display the notice as a Banner, Popup, or Widget to suit your website's design.
  • Global Compatibility: Compatible with various plugins to ensure optimal performance.

Deal Pricing:

  • WP Cookie Consent Plugin Lifetime Access for $42.50: Includes single website license and all features mentioned above.
  • WP Cookie Consent Plugin Lifetime Access for 3 websites for $92.50: Offers license for three websites with all features included.
  • WP Cookie Consent Plugin Lifetime Access for 10 websites for $167.50: Provides license for ten websites with all features included.

These deals are available on the DealFuel website.

That wraps up the information about the WP Cookie Consent Plugin, its major highlights, use cases, and available offers.