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WP Coupons And Deal, s Lifetime D, eal

Maximize affiliate sales with WP Coupons And Deals, the top WordPress coupon plugin for bloggers. Unlock exclusive lifetime deal now!

WP Coupons And Deals is a powerful tool that allows users to create and manage coupons on their website effortlessly. With a range of features and customization options, this tool is a must-have for anyone looking to boost their affiliate marketing efforts.

Major Highlights:

  • Click to Copy: Easily copy coupon codes with just one click.
  • Coupon Templates: Choose from seven different template styles for your coupons.
  • Image Coupons: Add printable image coupons for offline use.
  • Expiration Countdown: Create urgency with coupon expiration countdown.
  • Social Share Buttons: Encourage users to share coupons with social share buttons.
  • Customize Everything: Tailor coupons to suit your needs.
  • Hide Coupon Code: Require users to open your affiliate link to reveal the coupon code.
  • Import Coupons: Save time by importing coupons from CSV files.
  • Live Preview: See coupons in real-time as you create them.
  • Hide Expired Coupons: Easily hide expired coupons instead of updating them.
  • Voting Buttons: Allow users to provide feedback on coupon effectiveness.
  • Responsive: All templates are responsive and compatible with all screen sizes.

Use Cases:

  • Boost affiliate marketing efforts with compelling coupons.
  • Create urgency and drive conversions with expiration countdowns.
  • Encourage social sharing and engagement with social share buttons.
  • Save time by importing coupons from CSV files.
  • Enhance user experience with customizable and responsive coupon templates.

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