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WP Dark Mode Pro Lifetime Deal, 🌗 Get Up to 35% OFF

Easily switch your website to dark mode with WP Dark Mode Pro. Save up to 35% and give users a more comfortable browsing experience.

WP Dark Mode Pro is a WordPress tool that enhances user experience by providing a dark mode option for websites. Dark mode is not just a trend, but a user demand that can significantly improve user satisfaction and increase conversion rates. With WP Dark Mode Pro, users can enjoy a modern and eye-pleasing user interface that reduces eye strain and enhances readability.

Major Highlights:

  • OS-based color mode: Automatically shows dark mode if the user's operating system preferred theme is dark.
  • Time mode: Website switches to dark mode based on the user's local time, eliminating the need for manual scheduling.
  • Multiple switch styles: Choose from various dark mode switch button styles for easy toggling.
  • Ready-made color schemes: Quickly change dark mode color from predefined options to match branding.
  • Custom position, CTA & attention effects: Customize dark mode switch with new styles and text for user engagement.
  • Popular page builder support: Seamless integration with popular page builders for easy placement of dark mode switch widget.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance user experience with a modern and eye-pleasing dark mode interface.
  • Reduce eye strain and improve readability for website visitors.
  • Increase user satisfaction and potentially boost conversion rates.
  • Customize dark mode switch with various styles and colors to match website branding.
  • Easily toggle dark mode on/off based on user preferences.

🎁 Special Offer: Get a Discount up to 35%

  • Get 50 Sites lifetime license for $174.30 (Save 30%)
  • Get 1000 Sites lifetime license for $226.85 (Save 35%)
  • Includes Essentials Features, Exclusive Dark Mode Color Schemes, Dark Mode based image support, Custom Dark Mode Colors, Post Editor in Dark Mode, Customizable Elements, Compatible With All Popular WP Themes, Supports WooCommerce website, Supports BuddyPress, Dark mode Based Custom CSS, Live Chat Support, Lifetime Updates.