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WP Email Manager Lifetime Deal, 💼 Professional Email Managing from WordPress!

WP Email Manager: Effortlessly create domain-based email accounts from WordPress! Seamlessly integrates with WP Multisite, WP Ultimo, MXroute, cPanel, DirectAdmin & more. Professional email management at your fingertips!

Welcome to WP Email Manager! This tool allows you to easily manage your domain-based email accounts directly from WordPress. With seamless integration across various platforms like Cloudflare DNS, cPanel, and DirectAdmin, WP Email Manager provides a hassle-free way to create, update, and delete emails.

Let's dive into the major highlights of WP Email Manager:

  1. Easily Create New Email Accounts: With WP Email Manager, you can effortlessly create new domain-based email accounts right from your WordPress admin or frontend using the free Frontend Addon.

  2. Update & Suspend Accounts: Updating passwords or disk quota is now simpler than ever before. You can even assign specific accounts to certain WordPress users or suspend any account easily via WP Email Manager.

  3. Domain DNS Records Management: If you're using Cloudflare for DNS hosting, managing domains on the emailing server along with their DNS records becomes a breeze.

  4. Seamless Integration: WP Email Manager integrates smoothly with various platforms such as WP Multisite, WP Ultimo, WooCommerce, MXroute, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and many more.

  5. No Need for External Email Service Providers: WP Email Manager eliminates the need to redirect your customers to other email service providers. You can limit and charge your customers for the number of email accounts they can create based on their WP Ultimo subscription.

Now, let's move on to the use cases of WP Email Manager:

  • Small Businesses: WP Email Manager is perfect for small businesses looking for an easy and efficient way to manage their domain-based email accounts directly from WordPress.

  • Website Owners: If you own a website and want to have full control over your email accounts without relying on external service providers, WP Email Manager is the ideal solution.

  • Web Agencies: For web agencies managing multiple client websites, WP Email Manager streamlines the process of creating, updating, and deleting domain-based email accounts.

With WP Email Manager's special offer, you can get a flat 25% OFF by using the coupon code "SPECIAL25". This discount allows you to get a lifetime license for $186.75 instead of $249. The lifetime license includes unlimited site usage, unlimited multisite network usage, custom server configuration addon, frontend addon, domain manager addon, WooCommerce addon, user accounts addon, WP Ultimo integration, and lifetime support & updates.

Don't miss out on this great deal! Get WP Email Manager now and enjoy effortless management of your domain-based email accounts directly from WordPress.