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WP Social Ninja Discounted Deal, | Flat 50% OFF

Get 50% off WP Social Ninja, the ultimate WordPress Social plugin for seamless integration of social media reviews, news feeds, and chat features.

WP Social Ninja is a versatile plugin that enhances your website's social presence. It offers features like Social Reviews, Social Feeds, and Social Chat to engage with your audience effectively.

Major Highlights:

  • Import social reviews from various platforms
  • Display real-time social feeds on your website
  • Provide messenger chat for 24/7 support
  • Customize the number of reviews displayed
  • Filter reviews by minimum rating
  • Exclude or include reviews based on title
  • Encourage users to leave reviews with a CTA button
  • Access to 10+ social review platforms
  • Integration with 15+ social chat platforms
  • In-depth filters and sorting features
  • Pre-built templates and schema snippets for customization

Use Cases:

  • Boost credibility by showcasing positive reviews
  • Keep visitors informed with real-time social feeds
  • Provide instant support through messenger chat
  • Encourage user engagement with CTA buttons

🎁 Discounted Pricing:

  • $44 per year for 1 Domain License
  • $149 per year for 25 Domains License
  • $249 per year for Unlimited Domains License

Take advantage of up to 50% off on WP Social Ninja products and elevate your website's social performance today!