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WP Ultimo Annual Deal, 🌐 Build Your Own WaaS Platform Easily!

Create your own Website as a Service platform with WP Ultimo Annual Deal. Manage subscriptions easily and quickly, just like Wix.com or WordPress.com.

Are you looking to create your own Website as a Service platform? WP Ultimo is the ultimate solution for turning that dream into reality in just a few hours. This all-in-one tool is designed to help you efficiently manage website subscriptions through an intuitive and powerful panel.

Major Highlights:

  • Easy Subscription Management: Effortlessly manage all subscriptions with a user-friendly interface.
  • Supports PayPal and Stripe: Payment gateways are covered out-of-the-box.
  • Variety of Site Templates: Allow users to choose their desired site designs during sign-up.
  • Domain Mapping Made Simple: Clients can easily add their domains for a professional touch.

Why Choose WP Ultimo?

  • Create unlimited plans with limited access to plugins and themes per plan.
  • Set quotas for disk space, posts, pages, and site visits on each plan.
  • Multiple gateway options supported for flexible payment processing.
  • Automatic support from major hosting companies like WP Engine and Cloudways.

Use Cases:

  • Launching a Website as a Service platform for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Providing users with a seamless subscription management experience.
  • Offering a variety of site templates for customization.
  • Simplifying domain mapping for clients.

Deal Pricing:

  • WP Ultimo Starter plan: $347 per year with 1 Network, Premium Add-ons, and more.
  • WP Ultimo Plus plan: $247 per year with additional features.
  • WP Ultimo Pro plan: $547 per year with even more benefits.
  • WP Ultimo Agency plan: $997 per year with unlimited networks and premium add-ons.