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WPvivid Image Optimization Lifetime Deal, ๐ŸŒŸ FLAT 20% OFF

Get WPvivid Image Optimization Lifetime Deal at a ๐ŸŒŸ FLAT 20% OFF! Boost your website's loading time and user experience with this all-in-one WordPress image optimization plugin. Easily optimize and lazy load images.

WPVivid is an online tool that offers image optimization services for websites. With WPVivid, you can optimize up to 2000 images per month for free. The tool allows you to upload images up to 5MB in size, which means you can optimize up to 5GB images per month. WPVivid also provides an optimized API without speed limits, allowing you to process images instantly.

One of the key features of WPVivid is lazy loading images. This feature delays the loading of images until they are needed, which helps to speed up your web pages. Additionally, WPVivid offers CDN integration, allowing you to integrate a CDN service to your website and further improve page load times.

With WPVivid, you can also perform bulk optimization of images with just a simple click. The tool supports both lossy and lossless compression options, giving you flexibility in optimizing your images. WPVivid also offers the option to automatically optimize and resize images upon upload.

In addition to the free features, WPVivid also offers a range of pro features. With the pro version, you have no daily or monthly limits on image optimization. You can optimize as many images as you want in each domain without any restrictions. The pro version also allows you to convert images to the WebP format, which can help make your website faster.

Other pro features include the ability to customize compression levels, optimize images of various formats including jpg, png, webp, and gif, and upload single images of up to 32MB for optimization. WPVivid also offers a custom folder feature, where you can optimize images under custom folders. You can also exclude specific folders or files from optimization using WPVivid's exclude rules.

With the pro version of WPVivid, you can also schedule optimization to automatically run in bulk. The tool provides a faster specialized API for processing images and improved algorithms for faster and safer optimization. WPVivid pro also offers white label functionality, allowing you to replace WPVivid branding with your own branding.

For a limited time, you can avail a flat 20% discount on WPVivid using the code SPECIAL20. The plans available after applying the discount code include the Backup & Migration Pro, unlimited image optimization, and various addons such as Staging Pro, Image Optim Pro, White label, and Roles & Capabilities. The plans also come with multisite support, 24/7 ticket support, and unlimited updates.

After using the discount code, you can get the 2 Domains Blogger Lifetime Plan for $79.2, the 10 Domains Freelancer Plan for $111.2, the 50 Domains Small Business Plan for $159.2, and the Unlimited Domains Ultimate Lifetime Plan for $239.2. Don't miss out on this special offer to optimize your website's images with WPVivid at a discounted price.