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WritePanda Annual Deal,

Unlock the power of WritePanda to effortlessly transform your podcast audio into engaging content with AI technology. Get the Annual Deal now!

Research in seconds - Chat with PDF/ Websites.

Panda is an innovative tool that allows you to chat with PDFs and websites to extract information quickly and efficiently. With Panda, you can read entire books in seconds using AI, create podcast scripts, research topics, and prepare notes effortlessly. Additionally, Panda enables you to analyze any website by simply providing a link and engaging with the AI. This feature eliminates the need to manually skim through blogs and news articles for research purposes, making the process more streamlined and convenient.

Major Highlights:

  • Chat with PDF to read books and articles quickly
  • Analyze any website by providing a link
  • Create podcast scripts with AI assistance
  • Research and prepare notes efficiently
  • Access unlimited chat with the Conversational AI
  • Transcribe 180 to 900 minutes of Podcast/YouTube content per month
  • Receive 10 to 40 viral clips each month
  • Purchase additional transcription credits if needed
  • Access to Chrome Extension for enhanced functionality

Use Cases:

  • Students can use Panda to quickly extract information from textbooks and research articles
  • Podcasters can utilize Panda to create podcast scripts and transcribe episodes easily
  • Researchers can benefit from Panda's AI capabilities to analyze websites and gather data efficiently

Available Offers:

  • WritePanda annual deal for $190 per year includes chat with Podcast/YouTube/Website/PDF, 180 minutes of Podcast/YouTube transcription per month, unlimited chat with Conversational AI, and more.
  • WritePanda annual deal for $390 per year includes all features from the previous deal plus 360 minutes of transcription per month and full access to the Chrome Extension.
  • WritePanda annual deal for $790 per year includes all features from the previous deals along with 900 minutes of transcription per month and 40 viral clips each month.